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About the Upcoming event at the Sydney 4wd & Adventure show

AMA clubs

Ultimate Rock Crawling is a non for profit company under the AMA - Automobile & Motorcycle Association. All our competitors must be a member of the AMA to be able to compete in our events.


Joining the AMA Club entitles members to the benefits offered by the Automobile and Motorcycle Association Ltd (the AMA). A benefit includes participating in AMA sanctioned events and associated activities, as advertised by the AMA, its Promoters, Subsidiaries and Groups (the AMA clubs), anywhere in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

AMA sanctioned event means on road and off road automobile sport (competitive and non competitive) including 4WD and SSV; on road and off road motorcycle sport (competitive and non competitive) including ATV, sidecar, scooter and trike, plus training sessions, educational programme's, camping and any other activity incidental there to including non driving or riding social activity, property owners, lessors, lessees and any other club related activity.

The Automobile and Motorcycle Association Ltd (the AMA) is the not for profit peak industry body for automobile and motorcycle related recreation and facilities in Australia. It services over 40,000 members, which grows significantly by the day.

The AMA and its group of not for profit clubs, chapters and promoters (the AMA clubs) are about local grassroots participation for people of all ages. The sensible structure of the AMA means camping, driving, riding and racing is made more affordable for the whole family, so you can get outdoors and do what you love most, either 'on road' or 'off road'.

The Mission of the AMA is to develop, promote and protect the automobile and motorcycle lifestyle.

The object for which the Company is established is the encouragement of automobile and motorcycle sport and recreation by:

encouraging, advancing, conducting, guiding, promoting and governing all levels of automobile and motorcycle sport, recreation and associated activities for AMA Club Members promoting the provision and development of appropriate facilities for AMA Club Members to participate in automobile and motorcycle sport and recreation;

providing, maintaining and enhancing standards and quality of automobile and motorcycle sport and recreation for the collective and mutual benefit and interests of AMA Club Members;

promoting automobile and motorcycle sport and recreation to seek commercial, government and public recognition and benefits; and

supporting, affiliating and liaising with other organizations in pursuit of these objectives.

The Vision of the AMA is more people camping, driving, riding and racing more often.

The AMA holds appropriate Event Insurance underwritten by Allianz to cover the AMA and its Affiliate campgrounds, coaches, groups, promoters, subsidiaries, organizers, officials, members and visitors on planned activities and facilities.

Click here to find out more on the AMA