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Ultimate R​ock Crawling

Ultimate Rock Crawling Spectator Tickets 2022 

RD 2 18-19th June @ Central West 4wd Park

Competitor Nomination form

URS Racetech Steel 2022 series dates

Round 1 18th -19th April The Rock Farm Cooma

Round 2 18th -19th July Central West 4wd Park

Round 3 11th -13th September at Eastern Creek

2 car, will be end Oct.

Ultimate Rock sports pty Ltd

Our Story

Ultimate Rock sports is run by James, David and Al, we all have a passion for the sport and want to see it succeed in Australia and running under the new format we believe that this will be the best way forward for the sport in Australia.  

The team behind the Scenes

James Whalan

Owner at JMW Engineering, specialising in personalised custom work for anything off road and fulfilling local engineering needs by performing general repairs, maintenance and fabrication on a wide variety of equipment and machinery.

Husband and father of 2 children.

‘Through JMW and URC I pretty much live and breathe rock crawling for better or worse. I’ve been involved in the off-road scene one way or another for many years as a competitor or helping with other events.

I have had many 4wds over the years starting with a V8 Hilux, then onto a cut down short wheelbase 40series to a coil sprung 45 series with v6 that competed in numerous events. I then built the JMW40 series complete with hummer portals atlas transfer and front and rear steer. I currently run a tube buggy build to spec with portals 9inch diffs and a removable body for different events its affectionately known as the rental as its also been driven in many events by others with great success. I am working on a single seat moon buggy style crawler to be debuted soon.

I love the technical aspect of Rock crawling in general and love the reaction of people not realising what these vehicles are capable of. I’m looking forward to the future of rock crawling in Australia, the culture it brings and the relationships formed from driving in events and socialising with others who share my passion’.

Alan Cox

Fire fighter and owner of Ultimate Carpentry

Husband and Father of 2 children

Alan has competed in many events over the years such as, Willowglen, Woodpecker, Tuff Truck and WE Rock. Has been an active committee member of the On all 4’s 4wd club for over 15 years and has been involved in running many 4x4 events, including Woodpecker, black rat challenges, J7 Jamboree and WE Rock.

‘I currently drive a 40 series, that has a 4.2td, coil rear and leaf front. From time to time I borrow the JMW rental to drive Tuff Truck’.

David Harwood

Owner at Brute 4x4

Husband and Father of 3 children

Competitor in various club competitions, Willowglen, Black Rat challenges, opposite lock and on all 4’s challenges.

Has been a committee member of the On all 4’s 4wd club for about 11 years and have been involved in running 4x4 events over that time, from Woodpecker, black rat challenges, J7 Jamboree, and lately the on all 4’s challenges

Currently I drive a Suzuki Sierra, that has a v6, patrol diffs, 5 link from and 4 link rear, twin lux transfers and sits on a set of 37” tyres.

URC is something great to be apart of, as I have a passion for the sport and 4 wheel driving plays a big part of my life, there is nothing better than going for a drive in this great country of ours. I too have met some great people over the years and create some great friendships because of this sport